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Our mission is to provide multidimensional comprehensive medical care to strengthen the preventive, promotive, curative, emergency and rehabilitative services including education and training in medical, paramedical and support facility.

Garg Mission Hospital
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Garg Mission Hospital

Garg Mission Hospital is a well established hospital at 7 Dhillon Marg, Model Town, Patiala. It is in existence since 1982. It is rendering quality health care to the community. It is a 30 beded hospital with morden equipments and facilities.

Latest News:
We at Garg Mission Hospital has introduced new painless procedures for removal of Kidney Stones and GallBladder Stones....           
About Us:

Garg Mission Hospital was founded in 1982 with 30 beds and has always enjoyed an iconic reputation for clinical excellence and high quality, ethical, and affordable medical care.

Cashless Hospitalization:

Garg Mission Hospital has been on the panel of all the major TPA's in and around Punjab and has been regularly providing medical services to patients on cashless basis.

Our Facilities: 
=> Cardiology
=> Orthopaedics
=> Obstetrics & Gynaecology
=> Pediatrics/Neonatology
=> Urology
=> Nephrology
=> Oncology
=> Neurology
=> Gastroenterology
 Our Team:
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